How to maximize hair growth and product use with protective styling.

How to maximize hair growth and product use with protective styling.

❣️Choose a protective style that requires minimal hair manipulation and is easy for YOU to maintain. (My choice is mini twist) other option can be a wig with your hair platted or french braided underneath, or a just single platts. Protective styling means less manipulation and combing which means less breakage and MORE length retention.

❣️When hair is in a protective style be sure to maintain your hair by keeping it moisturized and sealed with an emollient butter ( Living Water Brown Butter Pomade) avoid letting your hair dry out. Dry hair equals split ends and breakage. Spray hair or apply a moisturizing leave-In throughout the duration of your protective style.

❣️ Wash and deep condition your hair while it is in its protective style. Depending on what protective style you chose this can definitely be achieved without having to take the protective style down. For example mini twist.

❣️ Maintain your protective style and do not neglect it. Protective styling does not mean you won't have to do absolutely nothing to your hair. It just means you won't have to do as much to your hair. I re-twist my hair every 4 to 6 weeks. In between that time I still wash and deep condition my hair and apply whatever treatment that I decide at that time. For example Green Pastures Gloss Bar or First Love Gloss Bar ect..

❣️ Pros of protective styling: good for those who are busy and don't have time to style your hair every day. Products are easier to distribute through the hair depending on the protective style of choice. Which means less over use of product, easy to maintain moisture of hair, hair is easier to wash without tangling, you can still achieve certain styles depending on your protective style of choice.

❣️Cons of protective styling: it can be time consuming depending on which protective style you choose but it will be worth it once it is done. Just pick a day that you have enough time to actually do the protective style. Another con if you chose something like mini twist don't do them so small that you can not take them down if you decide you don't want them anymore. As with any braided or twisted protective style if hair is not maintained and cared for properly hair can mat and loc up.

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